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Promotions For Adverts

Use your ponts to upgrade your ads and make them stand out!  We've added several fun upgrades for your ads that you can purchase using your FREE user points!  When you are posting a new ad you'll have the option to select your promotions before publishing.

Get A Verified Profile

Make your ads stand out from the rest by getting your profile verified!

We can verify that you are real so that users know your ads are real too!

What is a Verified Profile?

Verified Profiles are accounts that we have verified to be real.  These accounts have met our needs for validation and we believe that these ads are genuine and from the entities advertised.  While we do not endorse or guarantee anything it is very likely that these users are the individuals or businesses that they claim to be. 

Verified Profiles have their ads shown with a green border and a yellow background that makes them stand out from the rest of the ads.  Also anywhere a verified profile has content a verified badge will also be shown. When your profile has been verified you will get 50 points.

Points System

  Our website has a built in point system that lets users earn points for doing tasks on the website.  When you complete a task like posting a new ad you will earn the number of points associated with that task.  These points can then be used to get upgrades for your ads like being in the featured ads, a coloured border or a coloured background.

You cannot purchase points, they must be earned by being active on the site.  The more things you do the more points you will accumulate to upgrade your ads.  As we develop more features for the site we will add more ways for you to earn points faster.

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Updated April 30, 2018

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Frequent Questions

These are some common answers to your questions! We will be adding more questions and answers to this as time goes on.  If you can't find the answer you are looking for or you are having problems with the site you can contact us here..

About Us

This site is a free, social media, adult website available for those in the Adult Entertainment Industry within Canada. We provide you with a FREE social media account where you can manage your own content.  With the help of everyone that uses the site to post adverts to their social media account we will become the top classifieds site in Canada for those looking for the types of adult industry ads we have.

If you're tired of paying more for ads help us be one of the top social media sites in Canada for the adult industry!

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Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising!

We have a very limited amount of banner space available on our site.  This space is available on a first come, first serve basis and the funds are used for the costs of maintaining the site. There are a total of 3 banner spaces available for rent at the bottom of the page for $20CAD a month each..